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April 13, 2024
Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Next Free Games Advent Calendar

Epic Games Store’s Advent Calendar has reportedly already revealed the next free games. To be honest, not everyone will find a title appealing. During the end-of-year holidays, the Epic Games Store is departing from its usual schedule. Every Thursday afternoon, she treats us to one or two free games there. The platform dons its most exquisite red coat and gives out gifts by the bucketful. The Fortnite creators’ store will turn into a real Santa Claus from next week until January by giving away 16 free games every day. Furthermore, the second advent calendar gift’s identity would already be known.

Epic Games Store

Is the next free game from the Epic Games Store already announced?

The Advent Calendar for the Epic Games Store is off to a terrific start. The yearly must-attend event began with a bundle that included three free-to-play Destiny 2 expansions. A first edition that is above and beyond excellent, providing a fantastic starting point for fans of Bungie’s game who want to revisit it after all these years. For the 2023 edition, the store modifies its program slightly from the previous one, where it normally offers the second free game the following day. Thus, the deadline for adding Destiny 2: Legacy Collection to your library is December 20 at 4:59 p.m., after which a new gift will take its place.

Two-Dimensional Fighting Game

He states that it would be a DNF Duel even though he is unsure. A two-dimensional fighting game featuring the iconic characters from the Dungeon & Fighter franchise. There are many different game modes available on the program, including battle against other players, exercise mode, and ranked matches, in addition to a ton of collectibles.

Thus, fans of the license will be able to find a cast that includes well-known characters from the saga, such as Dragon Knight, Striker, and Berserker. New players will get a nice, free game from the Epic Games Store, though it’s currently rather mediocre.

Epic Games Store

17 Free Games This Holiday Season

The Epic Games Store is departing from its usual schedule. DNF Duel has fun gameplay and a nice vibe but lacks content, has balancing issues, and doesn’t follow through. These things leave players wanting more. Though they are more than mixed, the reviews on the rival platform speak for themselves—after all, it ought to be free. To find out if this will be the next free game from the Epic Games Store. You will have to wait until December 20, 2023, at precisely 5:00 p.m. If we’re lucky, we should receive confirmation ahead of schedule. The upcoming gifts usually leak a few days before the big day. To be continued, but to advance the difficulty, fifteen more games would still be accessible. Recall that earlier iterations gave us access to games like the most recent Tomb Raider trilogy or Grand Theft Auto 5.

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