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April 13, 2024
Alphabet Epic Games

Alphabet Epic Games Fortnite Against Google

Alphabet Epic Games Fortnite won a significant victory against Google on Monday, December 11, more than three years after it began its uprising against Apple and Google. The jury in California was persuaded that the tech giant is abusing its monopoly on the mobile applications market, harming developers.

Alphabet Epic Games

Tim Sweeney announced, “Victory against Google!” on X (formerly Twitter). In the summer of 2020, the CEO of the company that publishes the popular game Fortnite declared war on Google and Apple, two companies that control the majority of the world’s mobile market.

Epic Games Victory Declaration

The court will start working on retaliatory actions in January. I appreciate your support, everyone! Bonus Fortnite!” he continued. Following four weeks of testimony, the jury found in favor of Epic Games on all counts: they concluded that Google does have a monopoly on the market for both the payment services offered by applications and the distribution of applications on Android, its mobile operating system.

They believe that Google engaged in anti-competitive behavior in these markets, causing Epic Games harm. Additionally, they contend that there is an illegal connection between the Google Play Store application store and its payment service, Google Play Billing. Epic Games declared in an instant statement that “today’s verdict is a victory for all application developers and consumers around the world.” Google “abuses its monopoly to obtain information.

Alphabet Epic Games

Epic Games Monopoly Information

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